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Many islands served by PMA were previously accessible only by small outrigger canoe, and some remain that way to this day! High waves often make this form of travel very treacherous, rendering many of the small islands totally isolated for weeks on end. Airdrops of relief supplies immediately after a typhoon may be the atoll’s only hope of survival. Often, we land on a nearby island, and still must travel an hour or two by outrigger canoe, navigating treacherous reefs, and often high waves, to reach some of the islands we serve! Our airplanes in Micronesia operate out of Yap, Palau,  and in the Philippines out of Manila.

With irregular and often nonexistent transportation to the outside world, many of these people would live and die without the hope of adequate medical, educational and spiritual help. Though small in number, they are equally important to God.

Passenger and cargo services, transport of food and supplies, disaster relief, medical evacuations and sea searches are just the beginning of the many ways in which Christ’s love reaches those in need.


In January of 1956, Pastor Edmund Kalau and his wife Elizabeth started serving as missionaries in Palau and Yap (Micronesia). Pastor Kalau made numerous trips to the outer-islands with the then U.S. Trust Territory-operated field trip ships. On nearly all trips, sick people were taken aboard to be transported to the district center hospitals, but because of the long distances and slowness of the ships, many patients died en route….


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