Most frequent questions and answers
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable wear for warm weather, not to loose.
  • Plenty of room on your memory card and/or phone for photos.
  • Hair ties for passengers with longer hair.

Our Hangar is located at the North Apron/Side of the Palau International Airport. 

If the weather is bad on the day of your flight and the flight is cancelled then we will try to reschedule you on another flight that same day or the following days. If you have prepaid we will either refund your payment or refer you back to the agency where you purchased your flight with a confirmation your flight was cancelled due to weather conditions.

On occasion we will join passengers from different groups on the same plane.

Our Cessna 206’s can accommodate up to 5 passengers.

Yes, our two Cessna 206’s can hold up to 5 passengers each. Please contact us for special rates.

Selfie sticks, especially extendable ones, are a safety hazard and are not recommended on our flights.

Please plan with 2 hours. This is from the pick up at your accommodation until we drop you at your accommodation.

Yes, if you booked the Scenic Flight. We will pick you up at your accommodation 30 min before departure and drop you after the flight at your accommodation, at no additional cost.

If you drive by yourself please be at our Hangar 20 min before planned departure. Yes we have parking space available.

Yes, you will be charged an extra 3.5% of the total cost. And we do not accept AMEX.

We hold lost property in our office.

We fly between 300 meters to 500 meters high. (1000 ft to 1600 ft)  

Yes – our pilot’s are well-informed and love to share their knowledge of the areas that they are flying over.

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